How to Solve the Paper Jam Issue in Dell V305 Printer?

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It is the extremely irritating moment when you stick with your Dell Printer due to its paper jam issues. It seriously hampers the profitability, particularly when you are managing your business or working in occupied office condition. There are a few purposes behind this issue, for example, contrary, torn, dump and wrinkled paper. These issues are somewhat degree inescapable, it can happen time to time yet by dealing with certain thing this glitch can be limited as much as could be expected. Similarly, Dell V305 printer comes with the small size, therefore evacuating the jammed paper is fairly a simple procedure in this printer.

Dell Printer Support Presents You with the Complete Solution to Fix This Issue

  • You just need to follow the below steps for clearing the paper jam error:
  • Press the power button to turn off the Dell V305 printer and then disconnect the power rope from the main.
  • Lightly open the device body and pull out the stack precisely. If this is rumpled and caught in the cabinet at that point pull out delicately.
  • If the stack isn’t visible at that point elevate the scanner to get to the sheet. Ensure, you have removed all the torn and trapped part of the paper.
  • Put the sheet on the level surface and make it in the proper condition, ensure that the paper you are using is compatible with the printer. Also, it should be in a similar size and type.
  • Close the scanner and reload the sheet. Put gently to place it in the right position. Turn on the device and reprint the documents once again.  It should work fine now.

These are the simple steps our specialists have clarified you. But there might be another reason for this glitch. If you are not happy the service provided then you can seek help from geeks. Just connect with Dell Printer Support Number 1-888-583-4008 and get the immediate resolution for all your issues. They won’t just help you with this specific issue yet in addition provide the well described solution in some other similar issue.


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